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Rest assured, Cactus has ordered all of the titles on the official Record Store Day list as detailed on  We have even ordered many of the unofficial releases that have a street date of 4/16. We have a remarkable track record of having plentiful stock of these items. That said, there are many circumstances that play out that affect what we actually receive.  Stock allocated to special events or instores, pressing complications, mis-ships, items damaged in transit, items limited to region and other issues all affect our shipments.  With many items, the demand far outweighs the amount of stock pressed.  We do not know what we are going to receive or what circumstances are going to play out until the week of release. With almost 300 releases, something is bound to go wrong. We are prepared to answer your questions about these limited edition items as best we can, but find ourselves overwhelmed with requests for information. In order to best answer your queries we ask the following:
– Do not call the store.  Odds are, the person answering the phone does not know how many were ordered, how many were pressed or how many we may receive.
– Send us an email.  Contact us at cactusrsd[at] with your questions.
– Please save questions until 4/13.  We will not know about our shipments until that time…at the earliest.
– Know that we may still not have an answer for you as many items don’t arrive until the day before RSD.

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