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AUTUMN GROVE out now on Normaltown Records

2012 was an eventful year for White Violet. The Athens, Georgia-based act, led by Nate Nelson, signed a record deal with hometown New West imprint, Normaltown Records; released said record, Hiding Mingling, to substantial critical acclaim; toured with psych-country upstarts, Futurebirds; and played successful shows in Los Angeles, Nashville, SXSW in Austin, TX and CMJ in New York City. All while navigating three line- up changes and dealing with the difficulties of being a rock and roll band in a swimming pool filled with day glo and synthesizers.

Now it’s 2013. Nelson, Vaughan Lamb (bassist), Lemuel Hayes (drummer), and Brad Morgan (guitarist) are back with a new single, “Autumn Grove.” If Hiding, Mingling was the winter-in-Athens album, this is its summer foil. Recorded last December with Andy LeMaster (Now It’s Overhead, Bright Eyes) at Chase Park Transduction, the song is the perfect track for a breezy late-night bike ride to a pool party with more bodies than available space. Nelson is out of the dark corners that shrouded his early songs, seeming more comfortable as the godson of Simon and Buckingham. The b-side here sees the boys developing a rather laid-back arrangement of “Lays Around Lazy.” It’s one they stumbled upon while screwing around in a friend’s basement recording space during a stop on their summer tour. Enjoy it, but pay closer attention to “Autumn Grove.” That number points to many, many great things on the horizon for White Violet.


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