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VODI – SATURDAY, 12/23/17 @ 1:00PM

Vodi is a 6 piece indie rock band based out of Houston, TX featuring ambient keys, driving rhythms, effortless hooks and a nostalgic sound.

“IF FLEETWOOD MAC produced a soundtrack to Stranger Things, it would sound a whole lot like local Houston band Vodi’s debut album, Talk. Released earlier this month, the ’80s-inspired record showcases husband-and-wife duo Tom and Haley Lynch’s undeniable chemistry and swoon-worthy harmonies.

Both seasoned in Texas’ music scene (Haley also moonlights as folk princess Dollie Barnes and Tom has been around the block a time or two), the songs on Talk helped bring the two together romantically and musically, allowing the band to produce the ethereal nine-track album without complaints.” Laura Furr Mericas


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