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TREYNWREK – FRIDAY, 4/19/19 @ 5:30 PM

TreynWrek is an original Texas Funk Rock Band from Houston, TX with the energy of a fast moving locomotive. With seven years perfecting their craft, TreynWrek has become one of the hottest power trios around playing an average of 120 shows a year. If you are looking for the same old song and dance you will not find it along these tracks. What you will find however, is a unique and original sound like you have never heard before. TreynWrek brings a mix of originality, passion, and devotion for putting on the best crowd pleasing performance possible, whether it’s in a small venue or in front of thousands of people. When on stage, this band comes alive providing the audience a tasteful flavor of their original homegrown Texas music mixed in with some classic rock favorites. TreynWrek is releasing their third studio album, Rule of Thirds, on April 19th which is a solid example of how the band has grown. One listen to the band’s exhilarating new album and it will be clear that things have changed. TreynWrek has shed their blues skin and put on new attire filled with fire, passion and attitude!

The band was formed in 2011 when Trey Dryden (guitarist and vocalist) and Tim Hutto (drummer) came together with similar tastes in music. They both had the desire to create something musically different and original. James Breaux from Houma, LA, a former metal bassist, was brought shortly thereafter to complete the power trio. Something magically clicked and TreynWrek was born. TreynWrek, with all of the original members, continues to share their music and reached new fans in different corners of Texas and beyond.


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