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TRAPT – WEDNESDAY, 8/10 @ 5:30PM

Trapt is set to release their 6th album “DNA” Friday August 19 via Crash Collide Records. The new songs “Human (Like The Rest Of Us),” “It’s Over” and “Passenger” that have been released from DNA thus far, have been well received by fans! This new album sees the band taking their sound to new heights and exploring lyrical topics focusing on the emotions humans are capable of feeling and how those emotions shape our actions. TRAPT ran a crowd funding campaign where a select group of fans helped make the album, while TRAPT took to their Facebook page to talk about topics ranging from social issues to heartbreak. The lyrics for DNA were inspired to a large degree, by fan responses to fan answers to questions and various topics that were discussed on TRAPT’s Facebook. The organic production of the album includes no samples, only what was recorded in the studio by the 4 members of TRAPT.

Trapt formed in the late 1990’s in Los Gatos, located in the south bay of San Francisco’s Bay Area. By 2001, the band had secured a deal with Warner Brothers Records and released their self-titled debut album November of 2002. By mid 2003, their first single headstrong reached number 1 on both alternative and active rock and their self-titled debut became a multi-platinum album with the help of their second #1 hit “Still Frame” and their third single “Echo” becoming another top 10 alternative hit and a mainstay at MTV 2. A couple years later after relentless touring the band found themselves in the middle of their second release in September of 2005. The album is close to reaching gold status and included the top 5 active rock hit Stand Up, Waiting and Disconnected (Out Of Touch). In August of 2008, TRAPT put out their 3rd album “Only Through The Pain,” somewhat of a concept album it spawned the top 10 hit “Who’s Going Home With You Tonight” and the top 15 hit “Contagious,” which was a number one song for KUPD in Phoenix, WIYY in Baltimore, WIIL in Chicago and The Buzz in Houston among others.

TRAPT went to work on their 4th album a year after “Only Through The Pain” was released and on October 10th of 2010 gave the modern rock world another great album “No Apologies,” which included “Sound Off” and “End Of My Rope” the former being another active rock hit for the band. TRAPT released their 5th album “Reborn” January 22nd 2013 and the first single “Bring It” reached top 15 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts. Trapt released their first ever acoustic album “The Acoustic Collection” on September 23rd 2014. This album contains Trapt’s biggest hits and the top selling fan favorites from all of their albums, performed entirely acoustic. The organic sound on the album shows Trapt’s musical diversity and what they are capable of when it’s just the band and their acoustic instruments. The Band’s 6th album DNA is coming out August 19!


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