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“Tomten is a trio from Seattle, Washington. Often described as Baroque or Dream Pop for their prominent use of organ/electric piano/ and analog synthesizers, they share a wide influence from early power-pop to electric folk.

The band formed in 2008 when Singer/Keyboardist Brian Noyeswatkins met Bassist Lena Simon at art school. The two began recording demos in the practice rooms, and started performing regularly in 2010 after drummer Jake Brady joined. The previous record Wednesday’s Children was released in June of 2012. Recorded on an old 16-track Tascam in a small Seward Park studio over the course of July the year prior, Wednesday’s Children is a keen plate-reverbed excursion over a soundbed of leslie organs, rhodes, chiming guitars, and 3-part harmonies. Following the release of Wednesday’s Children, Tomten began work on what would be their newest release, The Farewell Party, recording with engineer/producer Jason Quever (Papercuts) during the summer of 2013 in Sacramento, and San Francisco.

The singles off The Farewell Party display a stronger focus on songwriting as well as production, from the somber mellotron of “Pipe Dream Boy” to the shimmering 12 string, and bouncing hammond sound of “Mother Minnow.” Other notable moments from the LP include “Thomasina”, a vivacious toe-tapper that employs the splendor of brass to delectable effect, and the lonesome piano ballad “Nothin’ Like Bein’ No One”, with its mournful strings sounding out as if from limbo. The Farewell Party will be released August 19th 2014 on Seattle label Versicolor, with a US tour to follow. Tomten’s live set now features Brian Noyeswatkins, Jake Brady, and Dillon Sturtevant. You may expect to hear songs old and new, as well as a few covers pulled from the dusty shelf.”

– Don Mignon (The Musician’s Musician)


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