Close Back to Cactus


Tutone is a passionate storyteller, songwriter, and poet whose creative energy has evolved beyond his rock star status. Capturing the reality of living in the moment, his songs are individual collages of his perception of his surroundings. Merging elements of rock and roll, country, rockabilly, and soul, Tutone offers a memorable album of what could very well be his finest work. The album features the single “Beautiful Ending”, as well as Tutone’s interpretation of the classic Jim Croce song, “Operator”.

“I feel in this album I have captured more of the real me and my alternate view of the world.
I can’t wait to see what people think of them.” Tommy Tutone

One of the most unique voices in music, Tutone rose to international prominence with the release of his 1982 album Tutoneg 2. Featuring the timeless classic Top Ten hit, “8675309 (Jenny)” Tutone solidified his standing as one of decade’s most recognizable artist’s. Tutone has gone onto sell millions of records worldwide while enjoying a career that continues to thrive.

“I don’t sing like anybody else; I sure don’t think like most people I know, and I hide out a lot, but at this point, I’m (finally) ready to go out and sing my stories to the whole world and show them the real Tommy Tutone.”


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