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THE THYROIDS – TUESDAY, 3/24/20 @ 5:30 PM

“Born of the gutters and raised by acid, the three that are Thyroids have been digesting the urban leftovers that is Garland, Tx since 2015. Post apple-pipe smoke sesh, ground work began for the fizzy and blown-out 5 song EP Gnarlands, an homage to their gnarly proving grounds. Soon after, word of this cultural psuedo-phenomenon reached the upper echelons of the Dream Life Record Syndicate, who extended a generous and welcoming hand to the band.

Having simmered in a broth of Southern Hospitality, self-loathing and chicken bones, Thyroids were ready to be plated and shoved through the expo window of the rest of the U.S. The 2016 Heat Tour included a stint of Midwest and East Coast presentations that invoked the good, the bad, and the hideous.

Upon their return, ensuing bouts of heart-breaking, street-sleeping, and job-working left Thyroids beaten and battered. Not to mention the war waged on the good folk of the surface by the horrid subterranean reptilian-people on the 20th of January at 11am Central Standard Time. Who could forget? And furthermore, who could focus on a lively music career? But as anyone must at least try to, they rebuilt and reinvigorated. Shows were played, eyebrows were raised, and Dallas based BarfWave Records reached out to the group to begin the production of Compact Discs.

On gear borrowed from their newfound label mates, Thyroids returned to their self-produced roots with the inception of what would become Gelatinous Happiness; a 13 minute and 41 second blazer designed with only their own listening pleasure in mind. And now, a year after its deliverance, the salad trio have set out to bring you the good word contained within. Hail Shrek! Wash Your Brain.”


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