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Kayla Smith on guitar and vocals with sister Tayler Smith on drums, percussion and Tristin Paz on bass guitar make up the band, and have brought real passion back to rock ‘n roll. They have a sound all their own, that express teenage angst, frustration, as well as hope and dreams of the new generation. You likely have never heard a sound exactly like The S.H.I.T., but they will charm you, surprise you, stun you and leave you wanting more.

In little more than one year, since their first practice in their living room, they have accomplished more than most bands ever hope for. They have opened for bands like Drowning Pool, Bad Company, Dilana and One Eyed Doll- headlined their own shows at clubs, bars, festivals and biker rallies. They released their first cd “Twisted Truth,” in April 2011 receiving rave reviews. This band is ready to take on the world.

Recent press includes a January 2012 cover picture and story on Tom Tom Magazine about Tayler Smith. They have been featured and interviewed on numerous radio shows and TV shows about their music, as well, as what brought them to being a serious rock band at such a young age. The girls father, Justin Smith, was diagnosed with brain cancer in May of 2010. Dealing with an incredible amount of stress, Kayla asked her sister to join her in forming a band. The parents supported the girls in the project and THE SCARS HEAL IN TIME was born with their first rehearsal July 28, 2010. The name is a tribute to their father, Justin. After brain surgery, Justin had a large scar on his head. Kayla would tell him “The Scars Heal In Time.”

The Scars Heal In Time love performing and connecting to the audience. There is no other band like The Scars Heal In Time. The single most common word heard after a show by The Scars Heal In Time is “Unbelievable.”


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