Close Back to Cactus


“Your favourite indie band go pop,” – NYLON

Like the writer Calvino once said: “There’s a boundary line: on one side are those who make books, and on the other those who read them.” You could typify the Sheffield four-piece as well read, or versed, in tales of love and the space in-between, but they are dreamers who resonate more with a life lived.

In a way, it would be correct to say The Crookes define wanderlust, just as much as it defines them. They’ve travelled from the North of England, across the plains of Europe, over the seas to Tokyo, and lived out the Beatnik dream along the highways of the States.

When speaking of The Crookes, the words of Calvino could be amended: there are those who make music, there are those who listen to music, and then, there are those who live it.


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