Close Back to Cactus


“With a vocal styling rivaling Robert Smith’s, John Andrew Fredrick writes the dreamiest pop songs this side of My Bloody Valentine. Guitar slinger/other vocalist Steven Schayer (ex-The Chills) adds just the right amount of six string freakout and Beatlesque harmony. An L.A. treasure!”–Pop Matters

“the black watch merits acclaim for such a strong album [Led Zeppelin Five] far into its career. At its best, it displays an enviable command of loud, crunchy guitar-based pop rock, not too sweet, not too sour.”–Pop Matters

“For a variety of reasons, I am a big fan of Led Zeppelin Five. The words and music combine to form one of those perfect storm records–when the music sings, the lyrics bite–and when the music threatens, the words soothe.”–BlogCritics

“Even the slower tracks don’t diffuse the momentum; LZ5 boasts the kinds of lustre and allure that continue to make TBW tick.”–No Depression

“Steven Schayer is an extraordinary addition to a band that melds shoegaze, post-punk and jangle-pop in a masterly way.”–LA Buzz Bands

“It’s astonishing that a band as concerned with quality control as California’s the black watch could go for this long with the following the size of a kitchen sponge. They are a literary/melodic marvel–a real treasure, for more than those who merely seek out obscure pop bands who started in the late 80s.”–Trouser Press


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