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TEEN – CANCELLED!!!!!!!! – SATURDAY, 10/29 @ 2:00PM

Taking their moniker from a shortened version of frontwoman Teeny Lieberson’s name, Brooklyn’s TEEN incorporate everything from psychedelic rock to ’90s R&B into their experimental pop. Started in 2010 by multi-instrumentalists Lieberson, a former Here We Go Magic member who made and released TEEN’s lo-fi, home-recorded debut Little Doods in 2001, the band soon included her sisters Lizzie and Katherine, and their friend Jane Herships.

The women began crafting a sound in keeping with some of the other thriving styles at that time — girl group-inspired noise pop, pulsating tribal electronics — that also recalled past luminaries such as Galaxie 500 and the Velvet Underground. After adding Maia Ibar to the fold, the quintet signed to Carpark and enlisted Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom to produce In Limbo, which arrived in August 2012. The Lieberson sisters and new bassist Boshra AlSaadi returned in April 2014 with The Way and Color, a more focused set of songs that blended inspiration from D’Angelo and Erykah Badu into its psychedelic sounds.

When it was time to make their fourth album, the band wrote songs in locations as far-flung as Woodstock, NY and a cabin in Kentucky, and recorded with producer Daniel Schlett (who also worked with TEEN on The Way and Color) at the Old Confidence Lodge, a secluded studio in Riverport, Nova Scotia. The results became 2016’s Love Yes, which deepened The Way and Color’s explorations of identity, spirituality, and sensuality.


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