Close Back to Cactus


Live from Houston, Texas, Space Kiddettes invite you to jump around with them to the galaxy’s hottest new wave jams. A three-time finalist for OutSmart Magazine’s Gayest and Greatest Local Band and listed as one of the “8 LGBTQ+ Local Artists You Should Know” these space-brained delinquents mix pop culture sound bytes, onstage banter, and pop sensibility in the ultimate tribute to being strange.

Their debut EP was included in the Houston Chronicle’s 2017 List of Most Anticipated Local Releases and were also included in this year’s list for their latest 2018 E.P. DOMESTIC ADVENTURES that dropped on November 2nd. Space Kiddettes’ debut E.P. LIVINGSPACE//HEADSPACE chronicles the drama of love and Scary Boys and their sophomore E.P. DOMESTIC ADVENTURES is the tale of suburban kids trapt in the monotonous cycle fighting to break out of the future that’s been set out for them and the expectations of their surroundings by using their imagination and finding their chosen family.

Besides their music, they also have a weekly podcast called SPACE CASE where they aim to solve the mysteries plaguing their personal lives and sometimes real mysteries as well. They also are the directors and hosts of Drag Queen Storytime in collaboration with the Houston Public Library promoting literacy, diversity, and inclusion in the community.


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