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POWERSOLO – MONDAY, 3/11/19 @ 6:00 PM

Kim Kix: Singing, guitar.
Anders Pedersen: Guitar, Lap-stell guitar, keys, backing vocal.
Mike Sullivan: Drums

About Anders Pedersen a.k.a. Peasoup a.k.a. AP: Guitar player, songster. Howe Gelb’s wingman for more than a decade in Giant Sand. Proud to have served alongside good folks like Mark Lanegan, M. Ward, John Doe, Jim White, and Scout Nibblett. Avid dancer and addicted listener since the pre-teen years.

About Mike “ZACK” Sullivan: From the basements of the USA, Mike brings a primitive, passionate sound to the drums, having played with his own brother in a variety of bands (garage, rock ‘n roll, country, indie, latin). And due to his Blue Man Group training in NYC, Mike is able to emote onstage using only his teeth. Mike has toured in Europe and North America, traveling with the likes of Young Fresh Fellows, The Hall Monitors, Eddie Angel, and of course, the mighty POWERSOLO since 2012, who have bestowed upon him the most honorable and appropriate moniker in Rock And Roll: ….ZACK!

Kim Kix is Kim Kix of Godless Wicked Creeps, Hank Robot, And POWERSOLO


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