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In early 2017 the Astros were beginning a remarkable run. Polish Pete and the Polka I Hardly Know Her Band were set on watching every game from spring training on. Knowing the strengths of The ASTROS’ fearless, fun-loving leader JOSE ALTUVE, this was to be the Astros’ year! As the season progressed, the excitement level in Houston rose to an all-time high. Polish Pete crafted THE ALTUVE POLKA while watching his favorite Astro play baseball with such joy and enthusiasm. The band went directly into the studio to record and video the now infamous hit single THE ALTUVE POLKA. It was released via YouTube during the Astros historic playoff run and quickly spread across the internet and local Houston media amassing over a quarter of a million views through the various websites. The single was certified a hit when, after seeing the video again on the MLB Network, JOSE ALTUVE exclaimed on national TV, “I LOVE IT!”

The Astros organization was so thrilled by the power and positivity of THE ALTUVE POLKA they invited Polish Pete to sit behind home plate for the now legendary World Series game 5, where he sat next to Larry King. Larry revealed that although he was a Dodger fan, he loved THE ALTUVE POLKA.
Polish Pete got word through the organization that some of the Astros were feeling a little left out by not having a song about them. Polish Pete loves the Astros so much, he wrote another song entitled, I LOVE THOSE HOUSTON ASTROS. This follow-up smash names all the members of the Houston Astros World Series Championship team and was released in the middle of the World Series to give the rest of the team that lift they needed to complete the victory and brings the World Series Championship Trophy home to Houston.

When the Astros caught the final out of game seven to win the World Series, the call was made to Polish Pete and the Polka, I Hardly Know Her Band to lead the World Series Championship Parade through the streets of downtown Houston. A float was built for Polish Pete, complete with a gigantic Astros baseball and booming PA system, to spread cheer throughout the city with the two hit songs, THE ALTUVE POLKA and I LOVE THOSE HOUSTON ASTROS. Nolan Ryan, Reid Ryan, Jeff Luhnow, and Jim Crane, along with their families, all joined Polish Pete on the Polka Float to ride through the streets of downtown Houston. One million Astros loving polka fans lined the streets to sing along with THE ALTUVE POLKA and I LOVE THOSE HOUSTON ASTROS, as Polish Pete and The Houston Astros rolled by.

A limited pressing of these two legendary songs is now available on Collectors Orange 45rpm, with THE ALTUVE POLKA on side A and I LOVE THOSE HOUSTON ASTROS on side B. The release date for the single is MLB Astros Opening Day Thursday, March 29th 2:05 PM to coincide with the first ASTROS pitch of the 2018 season. Polish Pete and the Polka, I Hardly Know Her Band, right alongside the returning Astros Championship Team are together again, set to make another magical run towards back to back World Series Championships for Houston! Go STROS ! Go POLKA!

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