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PIZZA TIME’s “Todo” is their 3rd and final studio album, 3 years after the release of their debut “¡Quiero Mas!” The Denver-based group began as a kind of bubblegum band with weird, introspective lyrics, and a tendency to play really short guitar solos. Through the years, their sound has developed into a strange mix of pop rhythms, chill acid house, glam atmospheres, Latin American trash art moves, often all at the same time. David Castillo sings mostly in spanish, plays a SG knock-off, and writes inscrutable ravings that usually become PIZZA TIME’s songs. When he’s not playing with PIZZA TIME, he’s often playing with his new band Panaderia and folks like Ben Donehower & Laura Conway in their wussy rock group, petite garçon, or, booking shows in Denver at the world renowned Rhinoceropolis and the up and coming Mutiny Information Cafe for other bad ass artists like: Kikagaku Moyo, Can Of Beans, The Lemons, Downtown Boys, Ben Katzman’s Degreaser, Love Cop, White Fang, AJ Davila y Terror Amor, White Mystery, Peach Kelli Pop, Emotional, Cool Ghouls and many many others. David recently moved back to his stomping grounds in Southern California where he plans on doing the same shit he’s always done.
Ben Donehower is the band’s leading musician. Since 2014 Ben has played every instrument in PIZZA TIME including buzzy bass, wild crackling Casio improvisations, screeching guitar, clunky drums & ethereal Omnichord. Always providing an interesting contrast to David’s simplistic pop tendencies. Besides recording “Todo” Ben also plays on six songs on Side A (tracks 2-7). Expertly executing leads on his Juno 6 and Lil Phatty, pounding out beats on his Yamaha DD-5, driving the songs with his Peavy bass and adding that right “something” with tambourines & scorching guitar solos. CJ MacLeod also appears on the record on Side B playing guitar on “Tu Muchacho” & “Sleepless.”
The opening track for the record “PIZZA TIME” was recorded by Kyle Handley (Super Hit/The Tyrds) on a magical night in October 2014 in Denver, Colorado. AJ Davila (Davila 666) wrote and sings vocals on the track. Johnny Otis Davila (Davila 666) and Kyle play guitar and sing. Andrew (The Hound Of Love) was there sleeping on the floor & kinda playing bass but it wasn’t plugged in. “Todo” is a greatest hits of sorts Side B features previously released songs: 4 from “Quiero Mas!” & 4 from “U WANNA PIZZA ME?” It drives the nail in the pizza coffin and leaves us anxiously waiting for what David Castillo pulls out of the oven next with his new band/animated show/toy line Panaderia.


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