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Phillip Hermans is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer of electro-acoustic and chamber music. His music has led him to reside in various locales; from New York to New Orleans, Berlin to New England, and Mexico back home to Texas. As a finalist in the Outlaws and Legends Songwriter Competition as well as recipient of the Sarah Nadler Memorial Award in Music, Phillip’s music covers a wide range of styles and mediums from traditional folk music to experimental multi-media works.

He has been featured in festivals regionally and internationally, including: Festival Visiones Sonoras 2013 (Morelia, Mexico), Festival de Musica de Morelia 2013 (Morelia, Mexico), Ye Olde New Music Festival 2013 (Hanover, NH), Sub-Tropics Festival 2013 (Miami, FL), Generative Arts Conference 2012 (Lucca, Italy), SEAMUS Conference 2011 (Miami, FL), Electric LATEX Festival 2010 (New Orleans, LA) and Inventionen Festival 2010 (Berlin, Germany).

As a recording artist he performed on John Luther Adams’ Inuksuit (2013 Cantaloupe Records) “A performance of Inuksuit this good… works best when given as much attention as possible” (WQXR Radio, Seth Colter Walls), and the attention he gave was as principal conch shell player (a brass player amongst percurssionists…). While working with the Dartmouth Contemporary Music Lab he contributed to no input-output, as composer and performer, an album with “flashes of vivid, mesmerizing colors amid some striking and gorgeous textures…” which “succeeds in guiding a listener through a rich realm of sounds” -(Tom Depmster, SEAMUS Newsletter).

Now living in central Texas, Phillip is writing and recording music while performing regionally with various ensembles. He spends time contributing articles to music journals, working as a music educator and giving workshops on music and technology.


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