Close Back to Cactus


Critical Reviews“The sound of the record is the pure essence of Pecos Hank (aka Hank Schyma of the Southern Backtones). He conjures up intimate, syrupy tremolo guitars to support his beautiful and haunting west Texas voice. In this solo album, Hank channels his fundamental story teller and weaves simple, mythic narratives into hypnotic anthems. His vocal delivery is similar to Eliott Smith or Leonard Cohen but without the emotional baggage.” -Dan Workman of Sugar Hill

Studios“Hank is part animal, part bad ass musician. He understands nature and has instincts that are not typical in humans. This comes out in his songwriting and his music. He is authentic in his approach and it’s obvious it’s not calculated. I have never met a person that is more in the moment than him — on and off the stage.” -Shaun Brennan of Splice Records

Now, some of these stories might be slightly exaggerated. But this much is true: Pecos Hank is the embodiment of Old West style and a new Texas sound. His newest album, and first solo musical venture, El Reno Blues, is a culmination of everything that is Pecos Hank. Don’t miss out!!


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