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Pearl Crush, the solo project of vocalist, songwriter, and producer Mandy Kim Clinton, is an exploration of identity and emotional expression through carefully composed pop songs. An intersection of dream, synth and baroque pop, Pearl Crush layers lush guitars, textural synths and intimate, catchy vocals over counterpoint drum beats and orchestral percussion MIDI instruments. Clinton’s self-recorded debut release, “First Blush” b/w “Semiprecious Stone,” came out on Poison Moon Records on February 18, 2017.

“‘First Blush’ bubbles to life with silvery strummed guitars and driving percussion upon which luminous synths, vocal harmonies, and more guitars are layered. The result is pristine, shiny pop…” – Impose Magazine

“…the two tracks rattle past with a wooziness that’s akin to simply living in the moment. Lead track “First Blush” is exactly that, the subtle electronica and C-86 glaze to the vocals mirroring some kind of heady first meeting that leads to infatuation, while the B-side, “Semiprecious Stone” is a more refined affair; a sugar-sweet vocal leading a more melodramatic journey than its partner.” – Gold Flake Paint Magazine (UK)

New Music: Pearl Crush – “First Blush b​/​w Semiprecious Stone”

“Clinton’s spectacular songwriting shines through the jangly, relatable pop tunes, and paired with lo-fi guitar and hopeful synths, the songs should be enjoyed again and again.” – The Grey Estates

“This single somehow illuminates the whole room, washing over me with its goosebumps-inducing dream pop…The contrast between “First Blush,” with its lushness of The Cure, and the B side’s distorted guitars and sparse arrangement demonstrate Clinton’s range; this single is evidence that a full-length is the logical next step.” – Razorcake

“…it is absurdly catchy.” – Collective Zine (UK)

Beautiful Freaks (UK)

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Bright New Single From Pearl Crush


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