Close Back to Cactus


Every so often a miracle comes a roaring out of the Golden Triangle- the soup and the humidity and whatever is in the water down there coagulate and conspire to create a band or an artist that will live forever. Janis Joplin and Edgar and Johnny Winter-they were formed and fashioned from this strange south Texas alchemy. Blues and black gold and heat and humidity and trouble will do that.

That thunder you hear, that rumble in the dark Beaumont sky is what’s next-Peace and the Chaos a three-piece power rock trio with something to say and a thousand ways to say it. Together, they are the next life form in the musical evolution of three strangers who met one night in a dimly lit rehearsal hall and found love and brotherhood and that once-in-a-lifetime feeling in your bones when you know what you’re doing is different and special.
All three-Guitarist and singer Billy Beaumont, Drummer Ken Turner, and Bassist Len Sonnier- are seasoned veterans and songwriters who cut their teeth on a wide variety of the best music ever made. They know exactly what “timeless” means and they have no intention of settling for anything less. Their early recordings together are strong. Each song is undeniable evidence of an old-school love of great songs and great singers and performers, combined with a modern sensibility and crazy musical excellence. Together they are better than any of them can be separate.

They’ll tell you that finding each other was a Godsend. Now, there is important work to do together. Miracles don’t happen that often. You should listen.


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