Close Back to Cactus


Since their debut in Fall 2010, they have paved a fiery path in the Deep South, arranging shows across the state of Texas with cohorts like Zipperneck, Poor Dumb Bastards, Adrian and the Sickness, The Hates, The Biscuit Bombs, and longtime punk idols the Mydolls. In 2013 No Love Less was joined by super talented guitarist, drummer, singer Adam Stanley.

The band features two members of the Mydolls – well-honed bass player Dianna Ray and nimble guitarist and singer Trish Herrera – who have spent thirty years thriving in Houston’s punk community, dating back to key clubs like the Island (Houston), Raul’s (Austin), Bonham Exchange (San Antonio), and the Hot Klub (Dallas). They are joined by David Ensminger, drummer for the Biscuit Bombs (featuring Randy “Biscuit” Turner of the Big Boys) and many other blatantly local heroes like Magnetic Four and London Girl. Ensminger, whose book on
punk street art is due out in Summer 2011 from the University of Mississippi, also writes for Maximum Rock’n’Roll, Popmatters, and the Houston Press.

New Nation is their first single, recorded at infamous southern studio Sugar Hill, which has captured decades worth of premier performances, including the 13th Floor Elevators, Howlin’ Wolf, Really Red, and even Destiny’s Child. With the oversight of Dan Workman, guitarist for art-punk pioneers Culturcide, No Love Less forged a five-song EP that offers a platter of terse, taut, and frenetic songs that combine narrative storytelling, glued-to-the-heart politics, roaring ruckus, and funk-punk finesse.

The band is currently seeking a label and do appreciate your time and willingness to listen to our efforts.


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