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Mystery Loves Company is the result of an informal collaboration session between Carlos A. Machado and Madeline Herdeman.  The two met while performing an open mic at the legendary Mucky Duck in Houston, Texas.  Carlos, a self-taught guitarist and songwriter, had been touring the local open mic circuit for a few months after being encouraged by a friend to try out his songs in front of an audience.  Madeline, conservatory-trained cellist, was in search of another performance outlet in which she could put to use her years of training and love for singing when she decided to arrange and perform some pop songs, also at the encouragement of a friend.

The result of that initial collaboratioin was a sound neither one expected.  A couple of weeks later, they performed “Make it Stay”, “Stay Awake”, and “Worlds Collide” at JP Hops House, and the the following night at the Mucky Duck, and it was obvious then that the project deserved to be explored further.  A number of Musicians have been a part of the Mystery Loves Company line-up since.  Most notably, Alauna Rubin (clarinet) and Terrence Allison (drums) have been major contributors in studio recordings, songwriting, and live performances.

Mystery Loves Company tours regularly in Texas and yearly around the Midwest, and plans are always underway for new venues and locations.  They have also kept a rigorous writing and recording schedule since its inception.


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