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The history of Street Plant begins in 1984. That was the year Mike Vallely saw Thrasher Magazine’s “Street Sequence” issue for the first time and began skateboarding. Under the influence of that magazine, skateboarding transformed from something Vallely fooled around with and into something he could take hold of and pursue on his own terms. Not long afterward, he saw Black Flag play for the first time, and the foundation stones were laid for an ethos of skating that would last a lifetime. It was all sealed together Christmas morning of that year, when Mike got his first skateboard: A Sim’s Jeff Phillips “Breakout” w/ Gullwing Trucks and Kryptonics Wheels. Naturally, Vallely decorated it by cutting Black Flag bars into the grip.

In 2015 [after] finally severing all ties with board sponsors, distributors, and other financial backers, Vallely launches Street Plant, a board brand 100% funded and operated by the Vallely family. Drawing on his own legacy for inspiration, and collaborating with legendary board maker Paul Schmitt in the creation of new designs, Street Plant is Vallely’s first endeavor with absolutely no outside industry strings attached. From creating the shapes to doing sales and packing boxes, Street Plant is about the Vallely family “Home Team” and their passion for skateboarding.

Two years ago my daughter Emily and I set out to create a Skateboard Company unlike anything we had ever seen or experienced before: One with a Positive Purpose, with an Optimistic Point Of View, one with a Backbone.
One that Believes in and Stands for Passionate, Creative, Expressive, Fun Skateboarding. One that is Product Driven, People Driven, Values-Driven. One that seeks Connection, Inspiration and an ongoing Positive Dialogue. One that, instead of just making stuff, seeks to make a Difference. And every day here in Garageland we put our Philosophy into Action.

Much Love and Thanks to ALL of our Friends, Family, and Supporters Worldwide: The Street Plant Battalion!

Thank You for being in our Dream and for letting us be in yours.

With Open Hearts, we Push Forward!

— Mike Vallely


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