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Cactus Music Proudly Presents an author signing and concert on Oct. 22 featuring David Ensminger (Houston Press, Univ. of Texas Press, Univ. Press Of Mississippi), who has just published the Politics of Punk, which examines the conscience of the genre, and Out of the Basement, a memoir and oral history of the underground music scene of Rockford, IL, hometown of Cheap Trick

Plus, the bands No Love Less (featuring Dianna and Trish of Mydolls) and the Hates will be performing! Special guests to be announced as well!

3 PM: No Love Less
3:30 book signing by Ensminger, who will be spinning political punk (the Clash, Gang of Four, Crass, Dead Kennedys, etc.) in the Record Ranch
4 PM: Houston punk legends the Hates!

In The Politics of Punk, David Ensminger probes the conscience of punk by going beyond the lyrics and slogans of the pithy culture war. He paints a broad, nuanced, and well-documented picture of the ongoing activism and outreach inherent in punk. Creating a people’s history of punk’s social, cultural, aesthetic, and political features, the book features original interviews with members of Dead Kennedys, Dead Boys, MDC, Channel 3, Snap-Her, Scream, Minutemen, TSOL, the Avengers, Blowdryers, and many more. Ensminger highlights punk money’s influence on philanthropy and community involvement and paints a contextualized picture of how punk critiqued dominant culture by channeling support and media coverage for a wide array of humanitarian programs for gays and lesbians, the homeless, the disabled, environmental and health research, and other causes.


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