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Author and longtime Houston Press music writer BOB RUGGIERO will sign and discuss his unauthorized biography of the band WAR, Slippin’ Out of Darkness. There will also be a special musical performance by the legendary HOWARD
SCOTT, with an onstage interview/audience Q&A. Howard is the original singer/guitarist/co-writer of such hits as “The Cisco Kid,” “Slippin’ Into Darkness,” “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” “All Day Music,” “The World is a Ghetto,” “Summer,” “Galaxy,” and – of course – “Low Rider.” Howard’s band will include guest vocalist Tweed Smith and rapper Joe Mayberry.

About the book:

Slippin’ Out of Darkness is the only biography of the hugely successful music group WAR, one of the most popular bands of the 1970’s. They combined rock, funk, soul, R&B, jazz, and a strong Latin vibe in their music, and have been
awarded two Platinum and eight Gold LP records in their career. Their album The World is a Ghetto was the bestselling release of 1973 and a seminal work.

The book follows the group from their early incarnations when Harold Brown and Howard Scott met to form the Creators and then the Night Shift, to their partnership with former Animals lead singer Eric Burdon and the song “Spill the Wine,” to a highly successful career on their own with the core original lineup of Brown, Scott, Lee Oskar, Lonnie Jordan, B.B. Dickerson, Papa Dee Allen, and Charles Miller. The story also follows the band through their later, leaner years, and the conflicts with management that led to a fissure and a split of performing
entities that continues to this day.

Featuring original interviews, archival research, and musical analysis and commentary, Slippin' Out of Darkness: The Story of WAR tells the tale of one of the most unique bands in the history of Classic Rock-era music. 368 pages, $19.95. Bob Ruggiero also runs the website And visit the book’s Facebook page HERE.

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