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Lone Star Hippie started out as a few other free thinking Texas bands have. A vision, a guitar, and a garage. Founder, Michael Morris is not new to music. Morris got his first drum set at age 9, and by age 12 he was playing professionally full time. By age 18, he had expanded his musical talents to include singing, playing guitar, and songwriting. Throughout his career, Morris has played and toured worldwide for a number of bands and is featured on multiple studio recordings. In 2012, he was featured on the Grammy nominated album “Can’t Sit Down” with CJ Chenier & The Red Hot Louisiana Band.

In 2006 Morris began writing ideas into song, which eventually lead him to record LSH’s first album. With his son, Chanse Morris, behind the drum kit and family friend Gus Hieden filling in on bass, the then trio formed the vision of what is now “Lone Star Hippie.” In the summer of ’09 Mike was blessed to meet Houston studio producer and engineer, Frank Davis. In the 1960’s Davis worked for Walt Andrus Studios. Along with record label International Artist, they recorded many of the legendary Texas psychedelic bands such as: The 13th Floor Elevators (Roky Erickson), The Golden Dawn (George Kinney), The Moving Sidewalks (Billy Gibbons) The Red Krayola, The Lost and Found, The Bubble Puppy, blues legend Lightnin’ Hopkins and more. Frank invited Lone Star Hippie into his studio to record their debut album, with Jerry Page engineering. Page founded the TX psyche punk band “Crust” and has toured and recorded with “Chrome/Helios Creed” and “The Crazy World of Arthur Brown”. In August of 2010 Lone Star Hippie’s self-titled debut album was released; featuring Michael Morris (songs/vocals/guitar/bass), Chanse Morris (drums), Gus Hieden (bass), and 2014 Grammy Award Winner, Stan Chambers on lead guitar.

After the release of the album, Jerry Page joined LSH on bass guitar for select shows, replacing Hieden. Page is rock solid, with a great ear for music. There’s a brilliant rawness about his style. Leading the bass-line, is Lone Star Hippie’s newest member, William vonReichbauer, who also plays with the Houston based trio “The Mean .44’s”. His upright bass is completing reinventing some of LSH, and we are thrilled to have him join us and are excited for the transition! Chanse Morris is a driving force on drums; contributing an aggressive rock-style to the band. Chanse was still in high school when featured on Lone Star Hippie’s first album, and has become a major player in the progression and direction of the band. Lead guitarist, Morgan Wright (T-Bird) joined the band in 2010, shortly after the first album was released. Michael Morris and Wright are long time friends and schoolmates; growing up together in Baytown, TX. Wright brings his own style of songwriting, training and musical grooves to the table and can hold his own with Houston’s finest lead guitarists. Miranda Herbert Aston joined LSH in April 2014 on vocals, flute, and percussion. Herbert is trained in music, with degrees in the Theater Arts. She has a look and style that’s often compared to Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane and brings a new, enlightening element to the band.

Morris’ main musical influence derives from 60’s psychedelic rock music. It’s this influence that weaves throughout Lone Star Hippie’s sound. From desperate soulful ballads, to melodic lyrical head bobbers, to spinning fuzz driven soul shakers, Lone Star Hippie always rocks the stage wherever they perform! LSH continues to grow and evolve as a unit and is currently in the studio with Richard Cagle, CEO of Montrose Records, arranging and putting it together for the second album. The mojo is there and the vision is clear: to make soulful, psyche-infused music.

Lone Star Hippie is like a rock-n-roll groove gumbo, where the more ingredients you add the better. Throw in some of life’s personal trials and journeys through the mind, body, and spirit, and LSH sends a better message to all in this modern day.


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