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Growing up outside of Houston, TX, Jon quickly took to the basics of music by being surrounded by a musical family. The family was always the toughest critic, but after teaching himself how to play guitar, Jon began to write his own music and perform in his small-town church. The time spent serving the Lord through song sparked a connection of Jon and relaying a message through lyrics and voice. He earned a deep respect for music, musicians, and writers and eventually became driven by his interest in the Texas Red Dirt style music. Jon’s soulful vocals leaned more towards deep southern gospel than most in the scene, but shortly after getting his foot in the door of a few venues, he has continually stayed busy through a reputation for quality performances. His shows have continued to display a talent that can only be described as raw emotion permeating through every song he sings and has created a demand for an original recording of his own. Jon teamed up with Houston producer Stormy Cooper and completed a size song album to be released in the spring of 2017. Jon now calls Houston home and a good place to work on his music full time after deciding the land of corporate opportunity was not for his kinda. He is currently booking and planning promotions of his debut album “In Your Radio.”

I have been extraordinarily blessed with the experiences and people I’ve met, allowing me to write my experiences and thoughts. If I have connected with someone even online, in any one of these songs, I would have done something right. I hope you enjoy, and I hope you know how much I thank you. I give you, my debut – “In Your Radio” – Jon


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