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Born into a musical family in Texas, Hunter was exposed to a wide variety of influences. Outlaw country, conjunto, Czech dancehall, classical, blues, and rock & roll all played on the family station wagon’s 8-track.

The result was a childhood of music performed in garages, barns, burger joints and gymnasiums. While still in high school, Hunter started a blues band with his uncle and played the Texas club circuit. He decided on music full time and spent seven years travelling the world and studying music.

He resurfaced as an awarded classical guitarist with degrees from both the University of Texas and the Yale School of Music. He released two solo guitar records: Hunter Perrin and Subtitles.

Hunter then moved to New York and formed rock & roll band Hi-Five. He also began working as a film composer and session musician. Two years later, he moved to Los Angeles and did a four-year stint touring and recording with John Fogerty. Over the past few years, he’s started three bands: Thunderado, Bandito Royale, and Le Flashcube.


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