Close Back to Cactus


Beneath a broad-rimmed hat with an acoustic guitar in hand, you’re likely to find an unassuming smile and soulful tune from Houston singer/songwriter Hayden Jones.

With the Roosevelt House Band in tow, Jones creates a musical atmosphere draped in “a symphony of cello, trumpets, woodwinds, bass and guitars,” he said. And though his music has vintage roots, he isn’t living in the past. – Ashlynn Ivy

Instead, he’s paying homage with a fresh take on the present and a sound that is less about genre and more about a feeling of home and heritage, something distinctly his own.

Sure, you’ll hear a little Bob Dylan and maybe some Davendra Banhart mixed with Daniel Johnston-like melodies and lyrics, but Jones is his own sound. And his message, as shared in his video “Maybe I’ll Be Alright,” seems to be to follow your own path, even if that means wearing a full suit and tie on a hot Texas night.


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