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Grisbee is a folk-rock band from Houston, TX that formed in 2012 when singer-songwriter Jeremy Grisbee moved to town from Springfield, MO. After playing a few solo shows in the city, Jeremy encountered a handful of talented musicians who were interested in seeing what they could bring to a batch of songs he’d written. These songs would eventually become Grisbee’s debut album, Sail Another Day (2015), a brutally honest — but ultimately optimistic — document of the extreme highs and lows a relationship can experience. Though the tracks still maintain the folk roots common to singer-songwriters, the band’s sound is stretched in a few diverse ways due to the unique backgrounds of the players. Seth Plemmons’ lead guitar lines reflect his background playing country and rock licks. Kate Wasserman’s mandolin work hews closest to the Americana sound of the Ozarks that initially birthed the songs, but her backing vocals lend an ethereal quality atypical to the genre, ghosting in the background as if at times giving a parallel take — with a subtle spin — on Jeremy’s stories. Bassist Jack Gordon and drummer Gus Alvarado, veterans of a handful of Houston hard rock bands, bring a focused intensity that provides a strong backbone for the songs. These elements combine on the album and live to provide an energy and range only possible when a talented bunch of musicians truly feel at home with each other as a band.


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