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Giant Kitty is a female fronted post punk / rock band from Houston Texas, with an amazing stage presence. Produced by Mark White (Spin Doctors)

Often described as a combination of Bikini Kill, L-7, and the Sex Pistols, Giant Kitty is breaking new ground in the world of female fronted post punk bands. “I’ll tell you that I’m pretty sure Giant Kitty made my ears pop when I saw them play live, and they have this crazy stage presence that doesn’t occur nowadays, as often as it should. If you’re lucky, you catch their truly amazing cover of Devo’s “Gates of Steel.” says David Garrick of Free Press Houston. Giant Kitty lights up the crowd with a high energy stage presence, sense of humor, and hard driving sound. Cassandra’s long-time partner Trinity Quirk filled in the role as drummer. “I have so many influences from new wave bands like Devo, to more obscure bands like Japan’s Shonen Knife it’s hard to say what direction we might end up going to in any given song,” according to Cassandra, “that’s what makes the process of creating art with other people so exciting.” “It’s pretty amazing how far we’ve come, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us,” says Trinity.

Founded in late 2013, we finally found the right mix of members in early 2014. All four members bring a cool personality and different set of skills to the band while also meshing together sonic vibes and generally amazing powding beats for the fans. Highlights include: playing out of town dates in Austin, Memphis, and Nashville, release of a 5 song EP, playing over 50 live shows, TV and Radio appearances, and opening for legendary punk band Shonen Knife. Giant Kitty also won numerous awards including a Houston Press Best of 2014 award, and a “Band to Watch in 2015” award from Free Press Houston. They are currently recording an 11 track LP to be released 1/22/16 under Innsbruck Records Records. The LP is produced by Mark White (Spin Doctors), and being mixed and mastered by Roman Klun (Anthrax, Norah Jones, Sarah McLachlan, and George Michael)


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