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Carley + Jonathan Wolf named themselves The Ghost Wolves as a symbol of the band’s ferocious, primal sound and a nod to Carley’s ranch upbringing among hybrid wolves. The married duo are inspired by delta blues, loud garage rock, and American roots music – a genre they call ‘stomp and roll.’ Their new LP ‘Man, Woman, Beast’ will be released on Nashville’s Plowboy Records May 27.

Featuring 10 studio and 3 bonus live cuts, ‘Man, Woman, Beast’ is an infectious romp through the minds of The Ghost Wolves – a rock and roll underworld inhabited by chain saw buzzing guitar riffs and songs about femme fatale motorcyle-borne assassins, crumbling lifelong lies, love on the outs, female murder convicts, vintage cars, life, death, and the in-between. It’s “music to drive 100 miles per hour to”. Songs like “Gonna Live” will have you bobbing along to their heavy beat, while deep cuts “Ride The Wolf” and “Dangerous Moves” will keep your record player turned up all the way, late into the night. Your neighbors won’t mind.

Jonny and Carley Wolf started performing as The Ghost Wolves in 2011, and in the 3 years since have built themselves an ever multiplying following through their die hard touring schedule – the band’s live show is completely over the top and consistently leaves audiences roaring for more. Their two previous recorded releases, both short format, were met by critical and fan acclaim both in the USA and abroad. Their music has been featured by the BBC, USA Today, FM4 Europe, Rolling Stone Italia, MTV, and most recently on the soundtrack of the Showtime series “Shameless.”


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