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FREDDIE STEADY KRC presents TUCSON – FRIDAY, 9/28/18 @ 5:30PM

It’s a tale of tragedy, heartbreak, desperation, love, and pursuit of the American dream, set in a time when that dream was everything. In the wild west of America in the middle 19th century, dreams were pursued, fulfilled, dashed, and altered. But always pursued. It’s how the country found its destiny gradually from the east coast to the west. From the mind of American musician Freddie Steady Krc comes the tale of Tucson, a love story set in the wild country of the developing west. The tale of a cowboy named Sonny and his undying love for Kara Lee in the face of tragedy began as a concept album originally recorded by Krc’s Shakin’ Apostles in the 1990s. Krc wrote much of the music and accompanying short story while on the road as the drummer for Jerry Jeff Walker.

But Freddie always had his own story to tell, which is why he has fronted his own bands for decades. The Apostles were his best setting for the type of music that had inspired him early on, like The Buffalo Springfield and San Francisco’s legendary Charlatans. It was the Charlatans, in fact, who inspired the ambitious venture that became Tucson, which also took great influence from Freddie’s lifetime of work in the musical melting pot of Texas, his home state. Now, twenty years after the original story became a recording, Tucson has become what it should always have been: a theatrical presentation. With the help of Dave Hargraves on guitar, Freddie will recreate these songs as a story unfolds through the narrated performance of his old friend and college classmate, John Garrison. With just three gentlemen onstage, the adventures of Sonny and Kara Lee come to life. In the face of adversity, they lived outside the lines in this paint by numbers world with the same spirit of independence that one musician named Freddie Krc has always maintained. Experience this unique theatrical concert performance as it is musically developed onstage. Hearing a song’s composer perform it live is always special. In this case, he brings it alive and takes the theater audience to old Mexico, Austin, San Francisco, and the place where dreams refuse to die, a town called Tucson.


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