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We are proud to host an in-store to celebrate Frank’s new album “Positive Songs For Negative People” out (8/7/15) The in-store is FREE but to attend the meet & greet after the show you must purchase his new album to get a wristband.

“Positive Songs for Negative People is the name of Frank Turner’s sixth studio album, but it’s also a neat encapsulation of what the English singer-songwriter has been getting at since he left post-hardcore band Million Dead back in 2005. In the decade since, Turner has crisscrossed the globe a dozen or so times and transformed from another aging punk with an acoustic guitar to a galvanizing voice in the wilderness for his thousands of fans, many of them aging punks themselves. His shows have moved from corner pubs to concert halls, his singles have moved from the blogosphere to the British charts, and his lyrics have moved from the page to many a tattooed bicep.

The music has also graduated to a grander scale. Since 2009’s Poetry of the Deed, Turner has preferred to play and record with a full band backing him, making his songs feel less like conversations between friends and more like sermons bestowed upon the masses. “Hear ye! Hear ye! Friends and Romans, countrymen!” he interjects during crowd favorite “I Still Believe”, and it’s hard to detect a trace of irony in his voice. This is rock ‘n’ roll as a means of salvation, and with each album, Turner has become more comfortable with the notion that his music has the power to change the world — not just his own dreary corner of it.

And yet, some things haven’t changed. It’s easy to spot thematic consistencies across Turner’s albums, all of which seek to drown the anxieties of growing old in a cocktail of carpe diem battle cries. “We’re definitely going to hell,” he shouts at the end of his 2007 debut, “but we’ll have all the best stories to tell.” Eight years later, he’s still obsessed with living his best life possible, even if the road ahead looks a little shorter.”


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