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Evelyn carries a theme in her heart and that theme relates to what she identifies with the idea that “The blues has no borders”. Born in Mexico (Neza City) and raised through her formative years in Mexico City it may be surprising to learn that Evelyn actually began in show business at the early age of nine. Then just two short years later, at the age of eleven, Evelyn would be a regular on a children’s television show “My Little Stars”. By the age of fifteen Evelyn was now earning a nice living as a rock and pop singer with various established bands in and around Mexico City and then at the age of 19 she began learning the saxophone and writing songs as well. Then in 1999 Evelyn recorded and released her first album “Evelyn Automarginados” which is a wonderful funky blues collection of music. Next, for over a period of five years, Evelyn would devote her focus on music between a black tie orchestra and a rocking blues band named “Chivo Azul”, in Playa del Carmen. Next, in 2004, Evelyn would land the lead role in Jesus Christ Superstar, a Canadian production in Mexico, as Mary Magdalene. Shortly afterward Evelyn would emigrate to Houston, Texas and sign a multi-year album contract with the late, great Calvin Owens, a BB king band leader. Right after signing the agreement Mr. Owens would produce Evelyn’s second release, “La Mujer que Canta Blues”. Then it was right back into the studio for Evelyn’s current release, “Hombres” but unfortunately Mr. Owens passed and Evelyn continued to produce and finish the album along with Andy Bradley. In 2011 Evelyn became a member of The James Boogaloo Bolden Blues Band (the last BB king band leader) playing at festivals and went on to release an album in 2013 titled, “No News just The Blues”. Time moved forward and with the much anticipated release of “Hombres” the CD received the nomination for The Jimi Awards as International Release of the year 2015 and then on March 8th 2016 due to an overwhelming number of spins by Disc Jockeys of “Hombres” nationwide Evelyn moved to number 1, number 3, and number 6 respectively – charting on the internationally recognized Billboard Magazine. She charted at #1 Latin Pop Album – #3 Latin Album – and #6 Blues Album.

Key Influences

The key influences that touched Evelyn in her formative years include Aretha Franklin, whose vocal delivery made an extremely deep impression on Evelyn. Her love of Michael Jackson’s energy on stage, and of course her actually living the American blues scene as she worked with the Calvin Owens Orchestra. Evelyn’s soulful, heartfelt vocals along with her stage presence and of course her deeply touching sax delivery make her somewhat of a rather unique blues performer to the Latin, Spanish, Italian, and European music communities not to mention the English speaking nations as well, many of her fans comment that Evelyn’s sax solos and overall performances speak to their heart.

Famous people and venues

Among the top venues that Evelyn has performed at within the United States include the new Golden Nugget Casino in Lake Charles Louisiana, the Blues on the Hill Music Festival, and the annual Tall City Blues Festival in Midland/Odessa Texas. Additional venues would include performances at multiple local regional nightclubs within Texas and outside of the U.S. Evelyn has performed in both Mexico, Guatemala, and South America. In 2009 Evelyn teamed with the famed Chinese blues artist Rick Lee and the two of them would represent Houston Texas at the very next International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. Additionally, today, Evelyn teams on stage with the legendary rock front man Al Staehely. Al and his brother John were the integral members of the famous rock group “Spirit” and have since went on to record additional albums on their own. Finally, prior to his passing Evelyn opened for the one and only B.B. King at the House of Blues, an event she will never forget. It’s surprising to learn that Evelyn Rubio has performed at over fifty music venues over the span of the last three years.

Moving into the future

As with all things seeing is believing and taking in an Evelyn Rubio show is a wonderful experience. Her music is delivered in a clear, crisp manner that both soothes and excites. The Evelyn Rubio persona reveals a sexy, sassy ball of adorable fire on stage. The future, indeed, looks bright and prosperous for Evelyn. Currently she is gracing the cover of Mississippi Blues Club Magazine as their Featured Artist of the year, 2015. Publisher/Editor Dew Wiuff shares this remark, “Mixing a sizzling fusion of jazz with pop, rock and blues ingredients is not the forte of many artists that create their own style of music, but occasionally an artist comes along that mixes up their music and appeals to a wide range of listeners. Evelyn Rubio is naturally one of these artists that cross the boundaries.” Australian radio show host (Blues on the Hill Radio Show) Barry Maxwell shares this, “Old school Big Band Blues does not come any better than the latest release from Evelyn Rubio. Led by the fabulous Calvin Owens, his Blues Orchestra swings its way through 11 wonderful tracks, with the stunning voice of Evelyn Rubio this release is a must have for your blues collection.”

Radio X Belgium, Paul Heath CEO, comments, “After receiving Evelyn Rubio’s CD, that reached us here in Europe just a few months back, it was clear from taking the briefest of listens that she was going to have to be featured in one of our specialist music hour segments”. From Sicily, Radio Show Host Nicola Conforti, “Latin or English version? It is difficult to know which album is better! In Italy the Latin language is much easier to understand, as well as the English language is very much blues. Evelyn Rubio with her two albums “HOMBRES” has Latinized the Blues, and simultaneously has Americanized the Hispanic musicality. Hearing this sound and the fresh voice of a complete artist as Evelyn, it is a very nice experience. Very refined saxophone solos, full and round on all the arrangements, both cheerful and sentimental songs accompanied by a great orchestra. And so, as we say in Italy, HOMBRES is an album “PERFETTO”, or rather two!” Finally, Blues Foundation Board Member John W. Deck Jr, “I have had the privilege of hearing Evelyn Rubio several times in and around the Houston area. What a great talent! She will continue to make waves within the blues genre.” You can learn where Evelyn will be performing by visiting her calendar page while on line.


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