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ERIN BOWMAN – TUESDAY, 9/17/19 @ 5:30 PM

Growing up with 2 parents who grew up in the 60’s, Erin Bowman has been listening to and loving amazing
music her entire life. Whether it was “Let it Be” by The Beatles, “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen (a fellow
New Jersey native), or “It’s My Party” by Leslie Gore she was into it. A 90’s baby herself, Bowman’s
knowledge and love for music spans decades. Inspired by pop acts and bands of the 90’s in particular she
knew she wanted to pursue music at an early age. After graduating high school, not having a clue how to
pursue a career in music, she started going into New York City looking to meet with producers and songwriters who might want to work with her. After several failed auditions, several unreturned phone calls, and a little bit of heartbreak she met a producer who saw something in her. Bowman, only a singer at the time began recording songs written by the producer. Suggesting she start writing herself, with the melody and concept already started Bowman
alongside her producer finished writing what would be her first single “Problem.” “Problem” was added to Sirius XM 20 on 20 and in 2 weeks was a top 5 requested song. Her next single “King Boy” trumped her first becoming the 5th most played song of the year on Sirius XM 20 on 20 while also selling over 20,000 copies, a major feat for an independent artist.

With the success of her first 2 releases Bowman found herself writing with more and more producers/
songwriters. She had been working on new music with a writer at Warner Chappell Publishing when the synch
team there received a request for a song about staying warm. Alongside the producer Bowman wrote “Keep
Me Warm,” a release that would play in a national McDonald’s ad campaign for over a month, as well as
receive airplay on 3 different radio formats: Top 40, Hot AC, and AC.

Continuing to work alongside different writers/producers she caught the attention of Kobalt Music. A
publishing company who’s rosters includes the likes of Max Martin, Mumford and Sons, Simon and Garfunkel,
Lionel Richie, Dixie Chicks, Beck, and countless other successful artists and songwriters. Eventually signed to
a Kobalt publishing deal herself Bowman released “Good Time Good Life,” through AWAL, Kobalt’s global
artist services company. “Good Time Good Life” debuted on NBC’s This Is Us, ran in a national Target ad, a
national Beaches Resort ad, and was chosen by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to drive
The Oscar’s 2017 promo aired on ABC for over 2 months. The Oscar promo lead to Bowman’s national TV
debut on Good Morning America where she performed “Good Time Good Life,” followed up with a
performance at the Radio Disney Music Awards, and Live with Kelly and Ryan.

With the success of “Good Time Good Life,” and a move out west (a NJ native now in Los Angeles) Bowman
found herself working on music going in a slightly different direction. She was doing less co-writes and found
herself writing everyday on her own. Songs started pouring out of her. Her life was changing and the music
she was writing was some of the realest she had ever written. In March of 2018 Bowman found herself
traveling to London to explore a new city and work on new music. A NJ native, now based in Los Angeles,
traveling to London. It was on a whim that she decided to attend an open mic night where she’d perform a
couple of her new songs for the first time. It was at that open mic night that she would meet the 2 cowriters/
producers that would bring this new direction of music, this new project, to life. Bowman traveled back to
London for over a month in the summer and in the fall to work on what will be her first ever EP. A lyrically
driven, wearing her heart on her sleeve, completely open and honest EP titled Apartment 101. Scheduled to
be released Summer 2019.


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