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Eric + Erica is a duo making music with two voices, an autoharp, keyboards, drums and a sampler. Their songs are pop music at their core, dressed up with the shimmer of autoharp; haunting, chiming keyboard melodies; and beats that are as strong and simple as they are surprising. Erica’s naturally sweet and soaring vocals lead the way, floating dreamily above the music and delivering lyrics that are part tender confession and part bold abstraction, while Eric’s low, gentle voice provides a complementary undertone. They make intimate music, and invite you in to it. The project was born in Oakland, CA, and currently resides in Durham, NC. On record a layered, dreamy swirl of the above mentioned elements, the live band has recently evolved in to a sleek, energetic duo, with Erica singing and playing electric Autoharp, and Eric providing accompaniment simultaneously on drums, foot pedal synthesizer, keys and vocals. The effect is as tender and carefully crafted as ever, but with an extra dynamic intensity and danceable energy.

” “Dream Pop” is the perfect descriptor for Eric + Erica’s sound…The ambient, twinkling aura created by the musicians’ tools of the trade — Eric on piano and Erica strumming an autoharp — warmly embraces Fink’s goosebump-worthy vocals and intimate, bewitching melodies, with Kuhn providing perfectly placed low-register harmonies.” —City Beat


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