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END IS NOW – FRIDAY, 3/20 @ 5:30PM

In the Fall of 2008, longtime friends Matt and Joe started endisnow. Influenced by many different bands and artists, ranging from the fastest metal to the grooviest funk, they set out to write music without feeling like any silly genre restrictions had to exist.

They played their first show in March 2009, continuing to play around the local Houston music community as well as other nearby Texas cities with their funk, metal, hardcore, thrash, punk hybrid, eventually referring to their “genre” as progressive punkmetal.

Several tour van break downs, hiatuses, demo recordings, and lineup changes later, they recorded their first full-length album and released it the following year in 2014. Having shared the stage with many talented drummers over the years, endisnow welcomed James as the main beatmaster in early 2014. Halfway into the decade and endisnow continues to play shows and write music, with eventual plans to record again and go on larger-scale tours, spreading the word of lost hope and society’s broken dreams. Maybe to inspire change, or maybe to inspire some headbanging, or whatever an individual wishes to do once they learn the end is now.


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