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Emily Clibourn began songwriting and recording at the age of 13, when she and her family moved to Los Angeles from a small town outside of Chicago. She first pursued an acting career, gaining credits in national commercials and receiving various roles, including one in the mini- series Heartbreak High, USA and Children on Their Birthdays. Emily then decided to go down a more suitable and creative road as a musician and has since recorded numerous records under various projects and her writing has been features in TV and film. She’s worked with notable musicians and producers, such as Curtis Byrd (Baby Bash), The Lost Children of Babylon, Antoneus Maximus and DJ Motiv8 (Black Eyed Peas). Since the age of 13, she has played at numerous venues in Los Angeles such as, Hotel Cafe, Room 5, The Virgil and Piano Bar.

Blow is Emily’s debut studio album in collaboration with Emmy-winning composers/producers Brett Cookingham and Matt Pavolaitis. Blow was funded by a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign created by Emily in the summer of 2015, and is said to be deeply emotional, howling and vulnerable. Emily is a siren for a generation, beckoning for self discovery.

What’s next on the horizon? Look forward to live performances in Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas, as well as a National tour in 2016 to promote the recent album release.

• Blow was premiered in Yahoo Music’s Artist Rising.

• Clibourn was recently featured in Music Connection’s Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists and Bands, where they praised her for her “clairvoyant song craft and
vivid artistry.”

• On January 20th, 2016, Beautiful Girls, the first song off Blow, was featured on television show, MTV’s The Challenge.

• Beautiful Girls, the first song off Blow, won Best Song Pop Ballad for May 2016 from The Akademia.


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