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We are super pleased to welcome back hometown boys Driver Friendly to a free in-store event. Starting Friday 7/25 you can purchase the new album from Hopeless Records “Unimagined Bridges” to get a wristband to get priority autograph and poster.

On their third album, Austin, Texas’ Driver Friendly have totally nailed the totally odd combination of wildly energetic, melodic indie rock (think the Wonder Years meets a young Jimmy Eat World) and horns (think… well, horns). Tunes like “Everything Gold” are superbly catchy with just enough melody, and using a horn section that is equal parts good-time ska in its celebration and obscure second-wave emo in its longing (bonus points if the sound brings Cerberus Shoal to mind).”
3.5 out of 5 stars

“When Driver Friendly first met in high school in North Houston, Texas their friendship quickly turned from hanging out after school to writing songs in a garage and playing shows around their hometown. As the band gained momentum and a loyal fan base around the area, they took a huge step and moved to Austin, TX- the live music capital of the world- to continue pursuing their dream.

Composed of lead vocalist Tyler Welsh, guitarist and vocalist Andy Lane, bass guitarist Chris Walker, drummer Jeremi Mattern, trumpet player Juan Lopez & trombone player Andy Rector, Driver Friendly is ready to share their melodic, high energy songs with the world! The band’s fast paced anthems ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Mesidonna’ are just a small taste of what’s to come.”


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