Close Back to Cactus


“Outstanding musicians individually, they are absolutely magical together.” – Houston Press

“Austin, Texas, duo Miranda Dawn and Chris Hawkes make roots music that sears the heart yet goes down smooth. Blues, folk, country and rock tangle in their sound, every element amplified by the pair’s lovely, tortured harmonies.” – Columbia Tribune

“We were cynical about love before each other,” concedes Dawn, “…but maybe that’s actually why we’re able to sing about love the way we do today. In the past, I’d sing a heartache song and I’d see people who really needed some of that hope brought by the light at the end of a sad song. I’d never thought the same relief could come out of a love song, but the response to us sharing our lives has been overwhelming. Maybe people need to hear about a little hope and love out there.”

“If you’re searching and you find you’re not so alone, Let’s go there to find that silver line”


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