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“Earlier in the night…Creepoid took the stage. They played as if they were reviving the grunge-filled chaos of Sonic Youth circa ’93, but with the finesse of mid-period Creation Records shoegaze acts like Swervedriver or Slowdive. The sound was full of fury, but the dual vocals of guitarist Sean Miller and bassist Anna Troxell soared like an airy wave that enveloped the listener in a blanket of sweet nothings.” – THE DALLAS OBSERVER

“Nightmare or dream, you come out the other side intact. I think that’s Creepoid’s masterstroke – They’re able to transcend their own darkness to find an incredibly revelatory light.” – EXPLODING IN SOUND

“…Creepoid is something altogether novel. The young, co-ed Philadelphia quartet knows full well how to crank up the distortion–but it does so in service of a dreamy, drifting, wistful indie-rock. That said, Creepoid’s debut full-length, Horse Heaven, isn’t some polished piece of car-commercial fodder; just raw and snaky enough to feel eerily unhinged, the disc simmers like vat of molasses as the vocals of guitarist Sean Miller and bassist Anna Troxell build to a sweet, black oblivion.” – AV CLUB

“When Philadelphia foursome Creepoid (Anna and Pat Troxell, Pete Joe Urban and Sean Miller) convened last winter and recorded the EP Yellow Life Giver, they did not foresee the blog buzz coming their way. That’s not the case on the rock band’s debut LP, Horse Heaven, which features more defined melodies, intimate female-male vocals and instrumentals that burst at the seams.” – NPR

“…somewhere between Blonde Redhead, Sonic Youth and Asobi Seksu, which means it’s complex, occasionally dissonant and entirely likable.” -RCRDLBL

“Combining a tuneful whine over languid guitars, all drenched in a Deerhunter-esque wash, “Golden String” is an infectious and swoon-worthy ’90s throwback.” – CMJ

“Creepoid is a delicious combination of influences I already fucking adore, from Beck to Gomez, but with the desperate and angry sense of a modern day Hole.” – SYFFAL

“Why hadn’t I heard of this band before now? Like my favourites The Olivia Tremor Control, Creepoid don’t shy away from adventure. What I mean is starting on a path (with acoustics, or a folky lilt), then taking a sharp left-turn (a wash of distortion with howling guitars piercing through the haze, or hey-day grunge-crunch), all while we (the listener) stay safely seat-belted in on the ride. This collection of songs sounds like Creepoid skimmed the crème off the top of bands like Wilco, Eric’s Trip, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Beck, Nirvana (and the best of the rest of my record collection), churned in something sinister, and served up a rich n’ satisfying milky brew better than anything I’d tasted in a long while.” – CROSSFADER (Canada)


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