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COMING SOON (5/6) Tune-Yards Nikki-Nack

Merrill Garbus has performed as tUnE-yArDs since 2009, and that band name has always been synonymous with forward movement—whether because of her explosive performance style or the always-surprising way in which her songs unfold. In 2011, tUnE-yArDs released its second album, w h o k i l l, a startling and sonically adventurous statement that led to widespread acclaim. She took the fall of 2012 off to relax and take Haitian drum lessons, but when 2013 came around she still hadn’t written any new music. As a challenge Garbus started working on two new ideas a day. She made rules: One day she would only use drum machines; on another she would start with vocals first. Soon she had 30 songs to play with – and 13 of those became her latest and greatest album, Nikki Nack. Her new enthusiasm and percussion skills are perfectly embodied on “Water Fountain” – the hyper and addictive first single that plays like a 21st Century jump-rope chant. Quiet Storm R&B, 80’s pop in the vein of Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, and they hypnotic rhythms of Haitian folk music also make their way into the mix, but it’s Garbus’ amazing voice and tricky melodies that make Nikki Nack indispensible. You need this

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