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With the release of Feather, his first full length album, Chris Lively strengthens his place in the US Gulf Coast music scene. Featuring spacious, layered vocals, non-traditional arrangements, intense introspective and interpersonal themes, and instrumentation ranging from the telecaster to the cello, Feather’s twelve original songs pull the listener into a culmination of years of Lively’s study and songwriting effort.

Native to Houston, TX, USA, an English teacher who has long been a musician, Lively began songwriting in the late 2000’s with a focus on lyricism and melody underpinned by euphonic chording and folk/Americana inspired rhythms. His 2013 debut EP entitled The Faintest includes a set of four haunting originals which set an artistic frame for his later work.

At the outset, Lively resolved to find his own creative voice, document his experiences, and share them with others — “I had been playing guitar and singing for years prior, so all the tools were there at my disposal….It was just a matter of learning how to integrate lyrical messages and stories with melodies and use songs as vehicles for expression. I’ve had to write a lot of duds to get to the songs I’ve wanted want to keep, but the experience of capturing an emotion that I was after either consciously or unconsciously in a song has proven unbelievably fulfilling.” Frequently performing both solo and with backup musicians, Lively drives his message home to a growing audience.

Of the new album, Lively remarks, “As a whole, I feel the collection of songs is really balanced in terms of energy, lyrical content, and overall feel. I see some continuity between all of my songs in the sense that they are recognizably me, yet there is a variety, tone, and dynamic range in this record that I’m stoked about. My intention was simply to explore various styles and integrate them into something honest and genuine. For the most part I think I achieved that.”


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