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Houston-based country/Americana band, Charlie & The Regrets will release their new album “Rivers In The Streets” on February 25th via Sony RED Distribution. Under the creative and technical direction of producer Derek Hames and engineer John Shelton, the album features a robust and eclectic collection of bohemian-infused honky-tonk that’ll make you stomp your feet, but also make you stop and think. The first single “Time Moves Slow” sets the perfect tone for a collection of tunes about real life in real-time rural America.

In 2017, country music is besieged with drum loops and layers of synths on infinite songs about girls in trucks on the way to the lake. It doesn’t have much to do with real life in the South, but it sells. Going against the grain requires conviction and authenticity. Charlie Harrison, the band’s namesake and primary songwriter, writes socially conscious music that speaks to the not-always-glamorous life he has seen, and his part in it. In an era of fluff, Charlie & The Regrets have chosen to write country music about the imbalance of justice, the federal tax code, and the plight of the fatherless. Although the album’s biology boasts a somewhat irreverent sense of style, Charlie admits that he is not the buttoned up guy you might suspect, but rather a seasoned songwriter who harnesses his creativity with a “hindsight is 20/20” sense of humor. “Everything I say is with a smirk and a wink.” The entire album swims with the nostalgia of iconic songwriters of old whose lyrical prose leaves a sticky residue on rebellious hearts.

Cherished songs from the band’s self-produced 2014 EP such as “Baytown” and “New Night” are reimagined. New fan favorites like “The Gavel” and “What Can I Do” are refined. And more intimate acoustic tracks “Houston Rain” and “Ain’t No Good News” are introduced. The result is breakout work that defines who and what Charlie & The Regrets are. You’ll hear influences from Jerry Jeff Walker, Hayes Carll and Todd Snider with each train beat, strummed chord and twanged vocal. “Now, after broken bands, relationships, day jobs, and records – now we really have something to write about.”

The band is already laying track and burning coals towards a tour in support of the new album release that will deliver them into new markets throughout the Midwest this winter, and into some priceless supporting gigs with artists that include Hayes Carll and The Blasters. Charlie & The Regrets are Charlie Harrison (lead singer, rhythm guitar), Willie Golden (lap steel, backup vocals), Mark Riddell (bass, backup vocals), Isaias Gil (drums) and John Shelton (lead guitar).


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