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BUENOS DIAZ – SATURDAY, 5/26/18 @ 1:00PM

Nick Diaz’s life journey and musical ventures have led him to travel to New Orleans, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and his current home of Austin, Texas. Along the way it seems that although his environment changed, the tribulations of love and intimacy would always remain a constant, as expressed on his new EP, The Love Balloon. The roots rock outfit of Buenos Diaz bring a refreshing interpretation to one of the most respectable movements in American music, staying true to the staples of old school blues melody, without being pretentious and never losing sight of having a good time.

Nick Diaz immersed himself in the culture of classic Texas Rock n’ Roll at an early age, studying the music of legends like Jimmy Vaughn, Ian Moore and T Bone Walker while becoming a part of the Houston blues scene. Nick began to learn the guitar without the assistance of a mentor or school program, using his pure appreciation for the music he grew up with as his drive to develop as a songwriter. His performance skills eventually led him to be a part of the production team for David Fishof’s Rock and Roll & Roll Fantasy Camp and play for a multitude of high profile acts, until he moved to San Francisco. After spending time reflecting on the relationships, break-ups, and musical developments of his travels, he moved to Austin to begin working on his first release as Buenos Diaz.

The Love Balloon is a tribute to the pain of lost love as well as an excellent showcase of Nick’s capabilities as a modern blues guitarist. The album is danceable and fun while still maintaining a smooth, never too serious melancholy. While the album aesthetic is similar to that of classic Texas Rock n’ Roll acts, tracks like “The Love Balloon” incorporate a crooning warmth similar to that of 50’s soul ballads, making an even more interesting platform for Nick to execute his effortless guitar solos. The album was recorded at Beebe Gunn Studios, Houston, TX and features Nick Diaz (vocals, guitar), Mark Riddell (bass, vocals), Matt Johnson (drums), Barry Seelen (organ), Mike St. Claire (trumpet) and Smoota (trombone).


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