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BRIAN DOLZANI – TUESDAY, 10/30/18 @ 5:30PM

“Dolzani is a skilled songwriter with melodies that are eternally engaging…and even soothing and seductive.” – No Depression

“Brian Dolzani exists somewhere between the sawdust covered floors of Southern dance halls and the green fields of the best folk festivals” – Lonesome Noise

Brian Dolzani mines his personal life and experiences to create songs that cut deep upon first listen. Through his unique vocal tone (a ‘smoother Neil Young’) and individualistic writing style, you can tell Brian is putting himself on the ledge with every song and performance. His music reflects his heartache and perseverance through early life tragedy, as well as the daily complexities of family life and deep existential issues we all face (if we know how to look and feel). Despite the often confessional and weighty issues that he writes about, Brian’s music is inspiring, healing, and a testament to the human ability to engage life at a deep, spiritual level, and live to tell the tale.


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