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I was born in Houston and I went to college in Denton. I “grew up” in Dallas, and learned invaluable life lessons while living in Nashville, Austin, and Wimberley. Since 1999, I’ve lived in 31 different residences; I understand the plight of the Gypsy.

People and places are my greatest sources of inspiration.

I’ve seen the rain come down in Northern Ireland. I’ve ridden a motorcycle across the Sacred Valley in Peru. I spent entire summer drinking sangria in Spain under the guise of college credit. I’ve slept on the roof of a shanty in Hidalgo, Mexico and saw more stars than three lifetimes of a hundred people could count. I rode a bike 100 miles around Lake Tahoe in a single day, in the name of charity.

I prefer Whataburger to In and Out Burger.

I can usually blend quite well, but I rarely feel like I fit in. I have mixed feelings about this.

I’ve mowed lawns, I’ve delivered pizzas, and I’ve made lattes. I spent half a decade working in the corporate world. I’ve worked retail. I’ve hated working retail. I’ve waited tables, bartended, and pretended to be a freelance writer. I’ve been a day-laborer, worked a call center, and sold houses. I once ran a small event staffing company. I’ve even been paid to sing songs in all kinds of places.

I believe I can do almost anything for 6 months.

I taught myself how to play guitar. Some would say that explains a lot.

I have a certain affinity for college football and refer to any professional sports team in Houston as my own. I carry an abnormally large chip on my shoulder thanks to the 1993 Houston Oilers.

I’m afraid of heights, except when it comes to mountains. I’m also prone to paradox.

I have absolutely no interest in running a marathon. But I’ll cheer you on if that’s your thing.

I’ve loved more than I’ve lost.

I’ve lost as much as I’ve left.

I’m genuinely overwhelmed by the splendor of sunsets and the sheer size of the ocean. Conversely, I’m not impressed by reality stars.

I like good wine, good whiskey, and good food. And I believe good company makes all of them better.

I love to write.

I’m not cool. In my head, saying that makes me sound like maybe I am.

I’m better today than I was yesterday. And I’ll be better-still tomorrow.

I have the best friends and family anyone could ever ask for. Most of the time, I remember that. When I don’t, they remind me.

In a short amount of time I’ve been fortunate to play a lot of great rooms. One day maybe I’ll feel deserving.

More than anything, I’m thankful.


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