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I started banging on the piano and playing songs by ear in a house with very patient parents. I listened to Monkees records and K-Tel compilations from Target when I was a just a tyke. I started playing guitar in college and wrote silly songs for cheap laughs. I use to have tea and cry on my yoga mat while I listened to Sarah McLachlan, but got over real fast when someone (whose opinion I valued) called her Barry Manilow for Gen-Xers. Don’t get me wrong she’s still good, so is Barry Manilow, but you just can’t let them get to you like that. I trained as an actor and did lots of Shakespeare, improv and comedy. Consequently, I imagine everything beautiful happening in front of or framed by red curtains. I once broke my wrist in Nebraska, catching a mimed lightening bolt and it changed my life forever. Shortly after that, music moved from mere hobby to life’s greatest joy and alls I wants to do is make records for you to listen to on roadtrips and at parties. I don’t know you, but I can confidently say, “I love you”… and that’s why I work so hard making music for you.


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