Close Back to Cactus


Ever think to yourself – “Self, isn’t the platypus such a strange creature? I wonder what people really thought of it way back when it was first discovered? They are just so weird, I am perplexed and fascinated!”

THEN THIS IS THE PUPPET SHOW FOR YOU! Platahontas uses shadow puppetry to chronicle the life of one of these semi aquatic mammals after it is kidnapped and sold into scientific slavery (or what they refer to as “research”).

Platahontas doesn’t remain under his captors’ microscope for long; he is soon sold to a circus where his freaky features garner top dollars from curious onlookers.
Platahontas could be one of the most interesting characters BooTown has had on our bill. (Platypus also have bills, so that’s funny.)

Conceived and directed by Emily Hynds.
Built by Lindsay Burleson, Peter Zama, Larkin Elliott, and Stephen Walker.
With an original score performed live by Joe Wozny.


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